Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Chapter 4 - Nashville

While the weather during the two days and three nights that we have spent here at the Two Rivers RV Park in Nashville has not been particularly good, mostly chilly, in the 60s, and wet, we have enjoyed our stay and we especially liked waking up on the second morning of our visit knowing that on this day we did not have to pack-up, hitch-up, and drive six hours. We could just goof off just like the picture of the old man on the left shows - do nothing, just read a good book.  Even fall asleep. Relax.

But then not every one can just goof-off (like the old man) for someone has to do the laundry. So Kathy and Cabo when over to the laundry room in the RV park which was only about 100 feet from our trailer, and together they got the job done. Kathy remarked later that she had no idea how many quarters were needed to wash and dry our clothes. It has been almost 45 years since she last went to a laundromat.

After getting the wash done we decided that it was time to restock our kitchen so we looked up on the internet the location of the nearest grocery store, plugged the address into Garmin, and then took off in our car fortunately without having to tow the elephant behind our vehicle.  On the way to the store we passed the Nashville National Cemetery and since we are lovers of old cemeteries, we pulled in. As it turned out this particular cemetery contained almost 35,000 interments many of which were the grave sites of both Confederate and Union soldiers who had fought in the Civil War including many who died fighting at the Battle of Nashville. It was inspiring - nothing like this near our home in Florida.  Kathy and I have actually visited quite a few Civil War burial sites in the past including cemeteries at Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, and Chattanooga.

One of the advantages of having some extra time is that we can afford to haul out our portable propane grill at dinner time and cook a good meal. Unfortunately we have discovered that it usually takes more time to clean the grill after cooking than it does the cooking itself, but today we had the extra time so who cares.

After dinner we had a pleasant surprise when we learned that at 7:00 o'clock this evening there was going to be a country and western singing group consisting of a husband and wife team who would be performing over by the RV park store and the swimming pool area. We went to their little concert and as it turned out they were quite good and well appreciated by the crowd of mostly senior citizen RVers like ourselves.  The husband and wife called themselves the "Hot Damn" and they bragged that their music "caused uncontrollable dancing."  It seems that we may have left early before any of the senior citizens started dancing but one thing we do know is that their music did cause a lot of foot tapping and hand clapping. The only cost to attend the performance was a nice tip in the jar that they had subtly placed facing their audience.  Not a bad way for us to have spend an evening.

The next morning, Tuesday June 2nd, after a nice breakfast, a warm bath in our tiny, tiny shower, and a brief cleanup of our travel trailer home, we decided to do a bit of sightseeing. Unfortunately sightseeing required us to get out on the busy roads around Nashville, however after touring by a number of historic or well known buildings in and around downtown Nashville, we ended up stopping at a remarkable building that we had not previously visited.  The building was called, not surprisingly, The Parthenon, obviously based on its appearance. The familiar looking structure was in fact a large museum.  We did not visit the inside of the building (except for Kathy's visit to its gift shop) because those fools would not allow dogs in their museum. Nevertheless, the exterior visit was well worth it as we think that this photograph clearly shows.  We could have lied and said we had visited Greece, but, that is not who were are.  The Parthenon is actually in Nashville.  Who would have guessed!

One thing that we noticed about this RV park is that there were not only visitors from dozens of different states but they each lived in vastly different types of travel trailers and motorhomes.  Our own travel trailer was as always one of the smallest in the park but it was definitely not the smallest nor the least expensive.  We had previously shown you a photograph of our "Expensive Cousin." We now wish to offer you this photograph of our "Poor Cousin," home to one man and his dog.

Tomorrow morning we leave for St Louis.

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